Thursday, August 8, 2013

Off Again

Well, it's time to move on again.  I debated for quite awhile about where to go next; I didn't make up my mind until about midnight last night. 
I had thought of going to another island, probably Ko Tao; I didn't quite get my fill of snorkeling.  But if I went, I would spend one day getting there, one full day there, and a day to travel elsewhere.  Also, this would leave me with only two full days in Bangkok, which didn't sound sufficient for The Big Mango.
So, I'm sitting here looking at the bus to Bangkok that I'll be boarding in just a few minutes.  This way I'll have four days in Bangkok, which sounds much more doable.
The trip is supposed to take "eight or nine hours!" according to the hostel guy, but my guidebook says ten, so it'll probably be eleven.  I think I could have taken a night bus, but if I was going to do that I should have done it yesterday. I dont want to hang around here all day. Besides, I enjoy traveling by day because this way I can see a lot of the countryside. 


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