Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday with the Family 2

Although the church has such a good system of translation set up, we didn't need it for the sermon.  There was a visiting preacher that day-a man who works with the South Pacific Bible College in New Zealand, David Nelson.  The regular preacher, Glome, translated into Thai.  His English is very good.  The Somprasong church is making use of technology, so you can even see a video of the service here.
In fact, there were people from all over there. I met a family who are refugees from Pakistan, an American who's lived in Thailand for twenty years, people from Nigeria,Kenya, and Malawi, and a nice preacher and his wife from the Philippines.  And of course, several friendly Thai people. 
After the service, there was a short ceremony to give roses to all the mothers, since mother's day was the next day here (always held on the Queen's birthday). Then, Bible class; there are enough foreigners that they have one class in English. 
Finally, we went out onto the covered patio for lunch.  They may Sunday dinner together every week, and nearly everyone stays.  Usually after that they have various things going on in the afternoon which some stay for, too, but those were cancelled that day because the teachers were among those gone to the retreat. 
I spent lunch-which was a typical Thai meal of rice, with a spicy vegetable soup to pour over it, along with marinated boiled eggs-getting to know a Wichitra.  We got along quite well as we had several things in common to talk about; she is a retired English professor.  She taught for many years at one of the universities in Bangkok.  Now she teaches a Bible class for the children at church, and does the church's facebook page, and generally keeps up with everyone. That's her with me in the picture below. 
It was so nice to be part of such a big gathering.  It's the largest I've seen in over a year.  It was nice, too, to be with a mature congregation, with elders and all.  Trust me, I didn't appreciate what a blessing good elders can be until I no longer had them.  This congregation was even getting their teams ready for Bible Bowl!


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