Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday with the Family

One thing that is often difficult or impossible to find while travelling is a church to meet with on Sunday. Since so many people have been gone from Wuhan over the summer, there wasn't even anyone to meet with these on the Sundays I was home. 
However, I was talking to a friend who traveled extensively in southeast Asia, and he gave me directions and information about the Somprasong congregation in Bangkok. 
I knew the service began at nine, and I didn't know how long the taxi would take, so I left the hostel about ten till eight.  You know I was excited if I got moving that early! I shouldn't have worried, though.  I was there by eight fifteen, and had to wait around a while for others to show up.
The Somprasong congregation has about 150 members, although some were gone to a family retreat that weekend, and some were traveling since it was Mother's Day weekend here in Thailand (held on the Queen's birthday, which was Monday).  They were very friendly, and were used to having foreign visitors. 
They put the words to songs on the overhead in both Thai and English, although the singing was lead all in Thai.  They had headphone jacks on the backs of the pews on the right side of the auditorium, and they provided headphones for all those who don't speak Thai, both travelers as well as a few members there who are new to Thailand. The daughter of one of the elders, who speaks excellent English and works for an international company, sits in the sound booth and translates everything.  


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