Thursday, August 1, 2013

Here I go again...

...on my own...Going down the only road I've ever known... I love that song by Whitesnake. 
I'm sitting on a plane at the Wuhan airport. I know I'll have to turn my phone off soon, but I figured I'd get started. A couple of funny things already...

First, there are evergreen boughs with festive red and gold ornaments strung up over all the check in booths. I mean, it's only August.  The Chinese are adopting Christmas because it looks like fun, but they have a poor understanding of some parts-particularly the part about when to stop celebrating it. Mom and I heard Christmas music playing in the McDonald's in Beijing in July.

Another thing that amused me is,I know, common at airports and a liability matter...but we took a bus about thirty feet to the plane. It took us far longer to load and unload the bus than it would have taken to just walk a few extra feet.  We got on, the bus made a u-turn, and we got off. Everybody was giggling a bit as we got off. The picture shows both a bus in the original position as well as where we got off. 


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