Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Southern Food!

My first evening in Chiang Mai I went rambling around, exploring the area until I found somewhere that looked appetizing for dinner.  My turns-going whichever way seemed to have more traffic-took me out the north gate of the old city and across the canal.  I found (of course) a 7-11, and all sorts of sidewalk food stands. I know I probably should have been a good traveler and sampled the local food, but rice just wasn't what I really wanted at the moment.  I wandered along, and thought about stopping at a place that looked like some Thai version of hot pot.  It looked like a big production of a meal just for one person, though.  What else is down here?
Then I saw it.  "New Orleans Gumbo,Special! BBQ! Po'boys! Southern Cooking!"  I read all the signs outside.  It was a little place called Three Little Pigs
I went in, and immediately saw something on the menu that definitely sounded good.  Fried okra! I don't even know when the last time I had fried okra was.  I've never even seen okra in China.   
I ordered bbq pork, which was good but nothing to get excited over, hush puppies, which unfortunately turned out to be not that great (needed onion, notion), and the okra.  Thankfully the okra was every bit as good as I'd imagined it to be.  As a bonus, they had good sweet tea with free refills.  
Since I live outside the US, it's a special treat while traveling to find food from home.


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