Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sky Train and Subway

Probably the fastest way to get around Bangkok is the Sky Train.  Two elevated lines run on concrete overpasses, intersecting at Siam Square. The Surasak station wasn't too far of a walk from my hostel, so I took it a few times.  Trains whizzing along the two layers of tracks, with the upscale shopping center below, seem to be in the city of the future.
There is also a subway system in Bangkok, also with two lines.  However, it didn't run anywhere near my hostel, so it wasn't of much use to me.
I did take the subway for a couple of stops, after taking the sky train to it, when I went looking for China Town.  I mostly just wanted to see what it was like and add it to my mental list of subway systems.  I love subways, and it may seem cheesy, but I enjoy checking things off my mental bucket lists: countries visited, subway systems, Hard Rocks, etc. 
I didn't take the subway again, though. And the bonus of the sky train is really speed, not price.  By the time I took both the sky train and the subway, it was cheaper to take a taxi back.  It's just that there are no traffic jams when you're above or below everything. 


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