Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sukhothai Part 3

There are so many pictures I like from this day that I don't know which to put.  I know looking at someone else's vacation photos can get tedious, so I'll try to restrain myself.
One fun part of the day was meeting quite a few local 12-year-olds. A nearby school was on a field trip to the ruins. But not for history class-for English class. The students had an assignment to interview a certain number of foreigners, and where better to find them than at a famous historical site?
They practiced basic questions-what is your name? How do you spell that? Where are you from? What do you do? Do you like Thai food? They didn't know much else, but they were enthusiastic in accosting any foreigner who came by.  I did have longer conversations with a couple of the teachers. 
It must be a bit of a challenge for the kids, though, to hear so many different accents of English.  There was my American English, and I saw a British family, but it seemed that most of the tourists were French or Italian.  So the kids were getting English from those not too sure of it themselves. 
On a side note, I did really enjoy hearing people speaking in Italian.  I couldn't think of an excuse to talk to many of them, but just hearing was nice.  I miss speaking the language; I certainly haven't found anyone to talk to in Wuhan. It did remind me, though, how much my accent has suffered on the four years (!) that I haven't used it. 


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