Monday, August 12, 2013


I've been impressed with the taxi drivers and Tuk Tuk drivers here.  Well, they aren't all perfect.  There  are some who don't want to use the meter, so they can charge a bit extra. And there was that one who talked to himself and made weird noises. 
But when you walk by a tuk tuk, they ask if you need a ride.  When you say no thank you, they accept no for an answer and don't hassle. And a couple of times, I've told a driver no, and then he added where I was going anyways.  I was expecting then to hear a spiel about how. it was a long way, and I really should hire him.  But no-he just wanted yo help. He ggave me good directions, in English, on how to walk there.  Wow, usually drivers lose all interest in you once they realize they aren't getting a fare out of you.

Taxi drivers in China haven't been like that, although to be fair they might be if my Chinese was better.  Very few there speak any English at all, but many here do.  


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