Saturday, August 3, 2013

View point on Ko Phi Phi Don

I slept late this morning, making up for the lack of sleep yesterday. Conveniently I lay in bed and listened to the morning rain instead of being out slogging around in it.

I finally left the room and went in search of lunch. (picture below) Being on an island, I feel like I ought to be eating seafood. So, I ordered something called deep-fried shrimp with garlic.  They didn't seem to be what I would think of as fried, but they were very good anyhow.

After lunch, I took the path marked "viewpoint". I knew there must be some stairs involved to get high enough to get a good view, but good grief.  Yet again I was grateful that I live on the fifth floor and therefore am accustomed to stairs. I wished I hadn't eaten those shrimp quite so recently, though. 

The view up here was worth it, of course. I'm sitting on the rocks along with a gaggle of European backpackers, looking down over the town. The town is on a narrow strip of land that joins two mountainous islands. On the east side, the bay is a harbor full of boats. On the west is a shallow bay with sea green water, with some scattered swimmers and kayakers.

It hasn't rained any more; in fact, the sun is visible through a thin layer of clouds, and there's a tiny patch of blue sky in the east. I've been sitting up here quite a while in the hope that the sun will eventually shine through for a minute, but it's not looking likely.  Probably will as soon as I get to the bottom of the stairs.

I may go for a swim this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll probably sign up for a snorkeling trip. There are also beginner scuba diving trips, but that costs more than it's probably wise to spend this early in the trip.


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