Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Missing Drinks

The thing I usually miss the most when I am outside of China is the drinks. In China there are usually ten different types of fruit juice (pear, white grape, purple grape, orange, mango, peach, sometimes apple, lemon, lime-pear, hawthorne...my mom tried the hawthorne, by the way, and said it tasted like liquid ketchup.  Everything else is very good, though.), several kinds of tea (black, green, oolong, jasmine, and several variations of each), yogurt drinks, milk, water, as well as the usual soft drinks. And that's all at any little corner convenience store. 

Sigh...the drink cooler here seems meager. There's one or two juices, green tea, Lipton iced tea, and Coke.  And while I thought the Lipton would be my mainstay, they've ruined it here. Some type of flavoring has been added that I was tired of after about half a bottle. 

I bought a lemon green tea today that is really good, so that may be my replacement for the duration. In any case, I should drink more water anyway. 


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