Monday, August 19, 2013

The Best Ever

Okay, I've been traveling a long time.  I've taken more overnight trains that I can remember, ever since the days when we called them couchettes back in Belgium.  And that--it seems crazy--was nine years ago now.  I've taken them all over western and central Europe, and I've taken them around China and India.

But this...this is how it ought to be.  I'm in love with Thai railways.  The only bad part is that I don't have time to take more trains. 

To begin with, the seats, before being folded into the lower bed, were wide enough for two, which means that when folded out the bottom bunk is about the same width as a twin mattress, rather than the usual narrow bench that you have to wake up to turn over on.  Then, there's a foam pad that makes this bed softer than the hostel bed I've spent the last few nights in.  

The curtains are also a nice touch.  No lights in your face to wake you up, and actually a bit of privacy.  I have my cozy little cave.  

Sigh. :) 

Edit: I wrote this post in my little cave on the train. There was one little downside I realized later--because there were curtains, they never turned off the overhead lights.  The curtains weren't quite thick enough to block it out, so there was rather a blue glow...but still, really good night train!  


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